Special Program in Arts (SPA)

SPA (Special Program in the Arts) is a program made by the Department of Education in the Philippines to give talented students a chance to enhance their talents in different fields. There are five fields in the SPA: Creative Writing (English and Filipino), Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance and Media Arts.

The Special Program for the Arts (SPA)

The Special Program for the Arts is a nationwide program for students with potentials or talents in the Arts. One pilot school in every region was selected to pilot and implement this program and is now on its tenth year of implementation.

The selected school offers a comprehensive secondary education program centered in the Arts, covering a range of art forms and disciplines. Arts education is an integral component of a balanced educational program in all year levels which also provides the background for post-secondary/ tertiary level work.

  • Creative Writing in English
  • Creative Writing in Filipino
  • Visual Arts
  • Theater Arts
  • Vocal Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Dance
  • Media Arts

Creative Writing which includes Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting and Journalism both in English and Filipino.

Dance which includes Classical and Modern Ballet, Folk Dance, Improvisation, Composition and Staging.

Music which includes theory, Composition, Solo instrument, Ensemble, Chorus, and Solo voices both Instrumental and Vocal.

Theater Arts, Acting, Stage Management, Technical Theater, Theory and History of Theater, Dance Theater and Directing.

Visual Arts which includes Visual Perception, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Sketching.

Media Arts which includes Photography, Photo Editing through computer, Music Remixing, Movie Making & Editing, Materials & Techniques and Computer Art.